Get Involved as a Lawyer

Proving legal assistance to the poor or nonprofit organizations helps ensure that all individual have equal access to legal services. Not only is it beneficial to serve your community, it is also part of a lawyer's professional obligation. Additionally, it helps with recruitment efforts, helps young lawyers build skills, assists in building networks, and provides recognition to South Dakota's lawyers. When you do pro bono, everybody wins.

Here are some ideas and resources to help you get involved:

  1. Participate in the Rural Attorney Recruitment Program
    Program Frequently Asked Questions

  2. Establish a free legal clinic, or participate in one already running. Great resources are available online.

  3. Get involved with Dakota Plains Legal Services, Access to Justice, or East River Legal Services.
    Contact them to get involved.
    Access to Justice Intake Application.

  4. Contact the State Bar of South Dakota to see where you can get involved. 1-800-952-2333 or online.