South Dakota Self-Help Center

Welcome! The South Dakota Self-Help Center provides free assistance to people who do not have a lawyer.

While we cannot provide legal advice, we can assist as follows:

  1. Answer questions about the court process;
  2. Provide available court forms and instructions for completing those forms;
  3. Provide information from the public record about your case; and
  4. Provide information about resources that may be available to you, such as mediation, parenting coordinators and pro bono or low cost legal services.

The South Dakota Self-Help Center cannot give you legal advice, conduct legal research or represent you in court. There is no attorney-client privilege or confidentiality of any information between you and the persons staffing the Self-Help Center. Self-Help staff are not responsible for the outcome of your case. If you have questions about your legal rights or what you should do in your case, please contact a lawyer for advice. Find a Lawyer.

Use the form below to email us your questions. We generally reply within 3-4 business days.

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