Record Search

South Dakota has a statewide record search program. CRIMINAL cases are available, unless sealed, on the UJS system from 1989 to present. CIVIL cases, unless confidential or sealed, are available from 2003 to present. Active money judgments are available for the past 20 years and inactive money judgments from April 19, 2004 to present.

CIVIL money judgement searches, only, can be accessed at: for a fee. You must set-up an account and deposit credits with a debit or credit card for this search. When establishing an account you need to use the same address for your account as you have for your debit/credit card.

*For other record searches, there is a fee of $20, per name searched.

Record Search Request Form

For CIVIL record searches and questions regarding criminal and civil record searches, send an email to:

CRIMINAL and PROTECTION ORDER searches are available on the Public Access Record Search (PARS) system at: (For a credit card payment search, use the Search as Guest option).

If you plan to conduct multiple record searches, you may request a draw down account be established for your company. Please submit an email request to:

If you wish to contact a specific clerk of court office for other court record needs, here is a link to the contact page: Clerk of Courts

Perform a UJS Public Record Search (PARS)

Perform a UJS Civil Judgment Record Search