Guide and File

Guide and File permits self-represented litigants to easily create and fill out the forms necessary to start these court proceedings—divorce, name change, or a protection order for domestic abuse. Guide and File is designed to make starting a legal proceeding easier on self-represented litigants, and to improve the accuracy and completeness of the forms they file with the Clerk's Office.

In clicking one of the links below, you will be directed to a Tyler Technologies (UJS contractor) webpage with that particular interview. Simply answer the interview questions, and at the end of the interview the website will generate the forms with your answers that you may then print. Please be sure to read all of the instructions in the interview and in the instructions and checklist forms that are on the UJS website (which are linked in the interviews). You can then submit these printed forms to the court by filing them at the Clerk's Office counter in the proper county.

This electronic service is completely free, but if you do not have a printer, you may have to pay printing costs. If you have any thoughts on how to improve this service, please send an e-mail with your suggestions to

Divorce with Children

Divorce without Children

Uncontested Name Change of a Minor Child

Name Change of an Adult

Domestic Protection Order

Guardian/Conservator Inventory, Report, or Account

Motion for Expungement

Motion for Order to Show Cause

Petition for Modification of Child Support

Small Claims

Small Claims Denial/CounterClaim

Stalking/Physical Injury Protection Order

Vulnerable Adult Protection Orders