Modify My Child Support

General Child Support Information

The Department of Social Services provides helpful information to provide you with an overview of how Child Support works. Please visit their website linked below for information on this topic.

DSS Website:

Modification of South Dakota Child Support Orders

In South Dakota, the Circuit Court is the only entity with authority to modify a child support obligation. This is usually done in response to a petition filed by one of the parents. Either parent or a representative may file a petition to modify their child support order. A support order may be modified without showing any change in circumstances if the order was entered and in effect prior to July 1, 2022.

An order entered and in effect after July 1, 2022 may be modified only:
  1. If it was entered three years or more from the date the petition is filed; or
  2. Upon showing a substantial change in circumstances has occurred since the entry of the order.
More information can be found at the Department of Social Service's Website:

Petition to Modify Child Support Order

Enforcing my Child Support Order

Parents who need to enforce child support orders or collect overdue payments due to a violation of a child support order are encouraged to contact their local DSS office to explore available options. Options may include imposing penalties or seizing assets to help collect overdue child support.

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