Unified Judicial System Forms

Forms DO NOT explain the law and may not inquire about all of the information necessary for a court to reach a decision in your case. Users have permission to use the files, forms and information presented here for any lawful purpose. The files and forms should not be used to engage in the unauthorized practice of law.

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It is very important for you to know that when you sign a court document, you provide information to the court that may help or hurt your case. Before you sign any court document or get involved with a court case, it is strongly suggested that you talk with a lawyer to make sure you know your rights and all your legal options. If you choose to represent yourself you must be prepared. Although these forms have been prepared to help you represent yourself, you should know that certain courts have their own procedures and may not accept every form.

For legal advice about your case, you are strongly encouraged to contact a lawyer. Find more information about getting legal assistance.

If the type of case you wish to file or legal issue you need help with is not listed here or on the website guides, then this website may not have forms or any self-service guides prepared for your case type. For example, forms and self-help information is not available here for cases involving wills and estates, property liens, mortgage foreclosures and many other types of cases. As a result, you should seek advice from a lawyer or a pro bono legal services provider. Find more information about seeking legal assistance.